Good Qualities of a Ghost Writing Client


We looked at good qualities of a ghost writing; the qualities that you should seek if you want to hire a ghostwriter. However, what are the qualities that you, as a client, should ideally have or try to develop? Let’s turn the tables and look at that:

  1. Be Patient

It is one virtue that has to be common for both the ghost writer and the client. At times, you will feel that you are not getting any value out of the ghost writer and the advance money that you paid while signing the contract is going to the drain. But you need to be patient to see the real value come out. Impatience and lack of trust won’t make it work with this writer or any different one. However, if you feel there is a lack in terms of deliverables and timelines that were agreed upon, you have complete right to call it off. I have refunded advance amounts in a couple of cases where I realised that the writer I appointed wasn’t delivering.

2. Be Time Sensitive

Be cautious of time. Yes, you have got excited and you want to spend as much as time as possible on the book and you like your writer to be present for discussion. However, be cautious about how much time you are making him spend on this. Maybe you can do some solo-brainstorming and organise your thought and then meet to discuss? All my contracts in past used to be only deliverable based. However, lately I started to do time-bound and delivery based contract where each deliverable is attributed a number of days of work effort. If I feel that I am spending far more time on it because of client is not cohesive, I do bill it separately now.

3. Be Open Minded & Honest

Be open minded. Listen to ideas. Honestly discard them. However, don’t remain closed minded. Yes, you are an expert and no one is doubting your knowledge. Rather, the ghost writer is there to learn from you. But at times there are different perspectives. Be open to them. Something that might be too obvious for you, might not be for the readers. Maybe it has to be explained better. The writer is writing your book, but he also represent the readers.

4. Scribble yourself. Make your own notes

Hiring a writer doesn’t mean you don’t have to write at all. Writing always help you organise your thoughts. So feel free to take a pen and paper and start jotting down whatever comes to your mind. Written material in any form is very helpful for any ghost writer to work on and discuss. And it will help you a lot to get clarity with what you are thinking.

I think these are not too hard to follow. Try them out, life will be easier.

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