Is everyone hiring a ghostwriter?


Whenever I tell that I am a ghostwriter to my relatives or friends – one of the most common things I hear is :

“So everyone is hiring a ghostwriter? Means none of these people are writing their own books?”

The answer is no. People are definitely writing their own books and doing a great job at it. In fact, very few people actually hire ghost writers. The number is now increasing yet it is not a tremendously big market. There aren’t many buyers.

Yet, ghost writing still remains a very interesting domain. I get a lot of people asking how they can enter into ghostwriting since they find it lucrative. Sadly, most of them are not equipped to enter this domain because of lack of maturity and skills. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to work with the kind of people you work with in Ghost Writing. Imagining working with a CEO who is worth millions and telling him he is wrong.

How to figure out which book is ghost written and which one is not?

There is no way to find that out. All ghost writers inevitably sign non-disclosure agreements. They are not liable for any mentions, recognitions, royalty or award. Even if they do a book and it gets adapted to a blockbuster movie, the client owe them absolutely nothing.

And I guess that is the beauty of it. It is one of the best business transactions that I do in my professional life. The client spends a fixed amount to get a solid tangible deliverable that can be leveraged for credibility and PR and the ghost writer gets a fixed amount for his services and some great amount of experience. And with every book he writes, he (or she) becomes better with his writing, logical thinking and knowledge. It’s like the writer is being paid to learn more and more!

Should I hire a ghost writer?

Well, let’s chat about it and find out. Get in touch and you introduce yourself and the project you have in your mind. Let’s discuss your objectives, approach and mutually debate over the feasibility of the project and the value it will bring for you.

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