Is Ghost writing worth it for clients?


Ghost writing costs money obviously. It is not for everyone but it is an investment. As a professional ghostwriter, I do care about the value that people get against my services. Hence, one of the first questions that I usually ask is : what do you want to achieve with this book? There are various answers to it.

Personal Projects:

Some says it is a personal project and they are doing it for sentimental reasons. Such projects are memoirs, biographies and similar works which are mostly done to be circulated in closer circles. In such cases, it is difficult to evaluate value against money since sentiments attached to the work remain priceless. So the question if ghostwriting is worth it or not for personal projects, the question is for the client to answer.

Business Books:

Coming to a different category of books – business books by individuals who have high net worth value. It is definitely worth it. Even if you don’t market the book to push it to more readers, it is a great personal experience to organise your years of experience and thoughts and rinse it into a clear stream of key learnings. It definitely adds to the portfolio and can be used as a great marketing tool to gain visibility and to have more authority on the subject.

Self-help/Motivational Books:

Self-help books, motivational books or similar kinds – ghost writing is worth it if you have a clear marketing plan and target audience linked to it. If you think that writing this book can give you a tremendously great PR leverage or increase the number of your clients, you should consider ghost writing. So with your investment in ghost writing, also be prepared to make an investment in marketing to push out for more readers who are your potential clients.


If you are penning down fiction and hoping that sales of book will be your net ROI and the cost of ghost writing and the marketing costs incurred will be covered by the sales, you are mistaken. This is definitely possible but not extremely probable and all depends on how solid your marketing is and till how long you can keep burning to get profit out of it. Marketing spends in case of fiction has to be much higher than the previous case outlined. Hence, ghost writing in this case is only worth it if you have the capacity and patience to burn along with intellect to devise a marketing strategy that would work.

What do I recommend?

Avail for ghost writing if you are confident about what you want to achieve in a realist way. Do not dial in simply because you are suddenly fascinated and an image of you being bestseller or famous is reeling in your head.

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