Myths About Ghost Writing/ Ghost Writers


People find ghostwriting mysterious. But even for those who understand it well, they have their own perceptions and myths about ghostwriting and Ghost writers. Here we will discuss some of the myths that I have encountered while dealing with clients:

  1. Ghost writers are regular content writers

No, they are not. And if you are comparing their value with the regular SEO content writers, you are really embarrassing them. Ghost writers are high end professionals with diverse backgrounds and are equipped with great analytical and creative skills. They have sound knowledge of multiple domains, understand business and writing and can think through. So if you are willing to hire a ghost writer, see them as an equal partner and not a content writer who can be hired at fiverr or freelancer.

2. Hiring a ghost writer doesn’t mean job done

Contracting a ghost writer means beginning of a new journey where you have found a companion. If you think that your job is done, it is far from truth. The truth is, you need to work with your ghost writer. You have to give him inputs, feedback and discuss the concepts to come to a common understanding. It is not a one-way road.

3. Ghost Writing is cheap

So how much does a project cost on an average?

Depends on the project entirely. But usually starts from 100,000 or so.

The panic in the voice is usually funny when I tell them this. And this is usually followed by a failed attempt to bargain. Ghost writing is not a typical content writing service and is much expensive obviously.

4. Ghost writer will magically write what you want

I have seen a lot of project discontinuing (mostly in case of fiction) within a month or so of starting it. The usual argument is that it is not coming out the way they wanted it to. Well, there is no way for any book to manifest the way you imagined it in a period of one month. Book Writing is a long intimate process and there is a lot of friction in the starting months. The client and the writer – they both need to understand each other.

It is well understood that you might be a leader and an ace of your own domain. But ghost writers are expert of their domain. Be respectful and listen. Moreover, while calling – show respect by introducing yourself. I understand that anonymity remains a concern but if you aren’t confident, it is not going to work in the long run anyway.

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