Qualities you should look for while hiring a ghost writer

hiring a ghost writer

So you have a project in mind and you have determined that you will seek professional help to get this project executed. Someone tells you about the concept of ghost writing or you figure out on your own by searching on internet. You find a bunch of people offering ghost writing services. But how do you decide whom to choose? Based on their writing skills and past work samples? Or by judging their vocabulary? A ghost writer will be your companion in this intimate journey. So you need to take this decision carefully. Here are some of the qualities that I think a ghost writer should have to work on any project:

  1. Be a good listener

The ghost writer should be a good listener. He should have the patience to listen to you even when he thinks you are not making much sense. He needs to wait for you to complete and then give his inputs so that your own stream of thoughts is not disturbed.

2. Ability to research and curiosity

Most of the projects – irrespective of their nature require research. The ghost writer should have an aptitude for research and for finding new things which can add value for the project. He should, on his own, go beyond what you tell to educate you more and bring value.

3. Logical thinking

Logical thinking plays a key role in any book writing project and helps to bring direction to the flow of the process. What you have in your head is a mess. A beautiful mess, but still, a mess. It is just the logical thinking skills which can bring some structure to it.

4. Disciplined

This is the not-so-obvious one but still very relevant. He needs to be disciplined in sense of timelines and deliverables. The follow up should be solid. He is driving the chariot of this project and hence discipline is a must!

5. Quick learner and adaptability

Ghost writing means entering unknown territories. It means the writer might be writing about subjects he has never been exposed to. Hence, ability to learn quickly and adapt to new subjects is something that helps both parties win this race smoothly.

6. Creativity

When I say creativity, I don’t mean to say creative writing skills. Just general creativity. Ability to understand concepts and then present them in creative way to readers so that it’s not just accessible but also interesting.

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