As opposed to ghostwriting, these are the kind of requests I am getting from all sorts of people (from aspiring novices to industry leaders). These are usually smart-intelligent people who precisely know what they want and just want had-holding and assistance on the technical aspects of writing. They can very well write but have a barrier in mind because they are perfectionists or leaders in their own domain.

Beginning to write (something which is not their own domain) and delivering something that won’t be good enough – this is something they can not live with it and hence never start to write. This also includes older leader who don’t have a computer and have never typed a document! All they can do is scribble on random papers they find and dictate it to you patiently. But those
random scribblings are full of wisdom and value that you won’t find even in well research academic articles of high end universities!

If you think you fit with what I described above, here is how I can help you:

Shape your objectives better

To get into a casual conversation and asking relevant questions for you to ponder on. Some of the questions might feel irrelevant but are linked to the discovery of who you are and what you want to achieve. All sessions are recorded for further introspection and brainstorming.

Listening and structuring

Decision to write a book doesn’t come in a day. You start feeling you want to share what you know. It grows on you. And then you realise that it will be appropriate to do a book on this. During this whole journey, you have been collecting thoughts and knowledgepoints (consciously and subconsciously). You know this knowledge is valuable but it looks like a mess. You can’t sort it. I organise listening sessions and unwind all this information and then put it in a structure that can be then elaborated to become a book.

Plot/Index development

If the broad structure is in place, I create custom exercises for clients to do or guide them for further steps before writing so that they are more prepared when it would finally come to write. This is very relevant in cases of fiction since there are a lot of character development exercises.In cases of non-fiction, the form of exercises changes (since it is more about pushing to write); but it makes you a confident writer.


There are multiple ways to research depending on the project. At times, it is simple internet research to extract relevant information to support / validate etc what we are writing or endorsing. It can also be reading books, journals and extensively researched material to do conclusions and link them to our requirements. Or it can be interviews with certain set of people where the information extracted informs the book writing process.

Guiding to Write

That’s a difficult one.

“How to judge if what I have written is good enough or not?”

“Is it interesting enough?”

“World sees me as a leader. Does this go with my public image?”

“Will they judge me for this?”

This is where you need someone you can seek feedback and validation from. I help you and inform on what could be improvised, what is okay, what is great and where you are overthinking. The prime objective is to do the first cut. Editing never ends and more people can be invited in the editing phase who can review and add value. I also set timelines and push you to meet them for timely completion.

Publishing, Marketing and PR

Publishing industry is complex. I help in dumbing it down to people and explain the various options available, connect with publishers and so on. Also, assist in creating PR and marketing strategies for the book (and your brand) which are linked to the objectives of taking up this endeavour.

Clients usually sign a Non-disclosure agreement similar to ghostwriting and I am very much open to it usually. I don’t accept co-authoring requests.

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